Catering, kitchen and interior textiles

Only the best is good enough when professional kitchens and businesses in need of interior textiles want to excel. Therefore, our quality standards for products like dish cloths and aprons are high, which guarantees our customers durable and highly absorbent products. Our 60 years of experience and expertise in textile manufacturing guarantees our customers receive the right products in the exact quality they wish for. Additionally, our products can be designed to meet the customer's specific needs and preferences, which provides our aprons and interior with an elegant look, the right fit and a high level of functionality.

Woven and laundry textiles

At Asli, we offer woven textiles for laundry companies, primarily used by hospitals and ambulances. Therefore, the quality requirements are strict to ensure endurance of the blanket when washed in high temperatures, with many and frequent washes to keep them bacteria free. Any product development in this category occurs in close cooperation with both the customer and the weaving mill to ensure all requirements are met. This guarantees our customers a top quality, durable woven product.

Covering textiles

Covering textiles has been part of our product range for many years. We work with skilled manufacturers to ensure high quality in every delivery. This enables us to offer our customers covering blankets usable for any purpose. Whether used for moving, furniture storage, or for pets, the quality is outstanding.

We develop products in close cooperation with our customers

For customers with specific wishes and requirements, we develop custom-made products and campaigns - of course in close cooperation with the customer and our manufacturers. We are constantly developing new products and following global trends, which makes us a flexible and innovative partner. This also means that we are always up-to-date on the latest trends, colors, and designs and able to offer a contemporary and elegant product. At Asli, our graphic department focuses on creating the right product. The department customizes brands, packaging, and POS materials to fit and meet the customer's needs and requirements. All our development products are always created in close cooperation with our customers ensuring them the right product.

Flags and banners

In Denmark, we proudly use our flag, Dannebrog, for large and small events, which has become tradition. At Asli, we provide flags and banners for outdoor use of a great quality. Our flags and banners are produced in durable and robust materials enabling repeated use and allowing them to remain elegant even after many years.

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