At Asli, we offer a wide range of different cleaning cloth’s for use in both daily household cleaning and professional cleaning. Our clothe’s are produced in viscose, synthetic fibers, microfiber, cotton, degradable fibers, or other requested qualities. Several of our products are available with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, FSC, or Oeko-tex certification and our cloth’s come in many different colors.


Cleaning sponges are an indispensable tool both in private homes and for professional cleaning, and we offer a large and varied range in a variety of different qualities. Our customers' wishes and requirements for quality, size, material, cleaning effect, and the environment are met through our supply of everything from regular scour sponges to soap pads. Our range of sponge products also includes melamine sponges, car sponges, brick sponges, soap pads, stainless steel sponges and more. All sponges are available in many different colors and can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Complementary products

At Asli, we also offer a palette of cleaning tools to meet our customers' wishes for a varied cleaning range. In collaboration with our producers, we therefore provide solutions for different types of cleaning ranging from mops and floor cleaning to dish brushes. All these products are applicable for both household and professional use. Contact us for further information and requests for this type of product.

We develop products in close cooperation with our customers

For customers with specific wishes and requirements, we develop custom-made products and campaigns - of course in close cooperation with the customer and our manufacturers. We are constantly developing new products and following global trends, which makes us a flexible and innovative partner. This also means that we are always up-to-date on the latest trends, colors, and designs and able to offer a contemporary and elegant product. At Asli, our graphic department focuses on creating the right product. The department customizes brands, packaging, and POS materials to fit and meet the customer's needs and requirements. All our development products are always created in close cooperation with our customers ensuring them the right product.

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