At Asli, we are not only focused on producing the products as sustainable as possible, but also to ensure that our manufacturers comply with our CSR policy. Therefore, we only work with trustworthy manufacturers, who meet the requirements set in each country. In addition, we only start up partnerships with manufacturers, who comply with all laws and regulations regarding employees, wages, safety, etc. Our long-standing membership of Amfori BSCI commits us to regularly check the conditions of current and future manufacturers.

Therefore, all our manufacturers undergo audits every or every second year, where they are examined in the 13 performance areas and their compliance to eg. Working conditions, safety, environment etc.. Read more about Amfori BSCI’s 13 performance areas here.

Being a member of Amfori BSCI and also BEPI (read more here) means that many of our manufacturers are visible to our customers. Our customers can therefore connect with the factories and follow the audits conducted. This provides our customers with full transparency regarding the production facilities and conditions of our products.

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