ASLI cleaning

Cleaning textiles for retail, professional and catering businesses

Asli Cleaning develops and sell cleaning textiles and similar products for the retail, professional and catering businesses. This we have done for more than 60 years and as a result we are now a key supplier to large parts of the retail, catering, and professional industry both in Denmark and the other Nordic countries. Our products are known for their high quality, obtained through many years with extensive testing, supplied by responsible producers and with customized solutions for our customers.

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Green and social initiatives

At Asli we are very conscious of protecting the environment and contributing to making the products and processes greener. In addition, we are also very serious about our social responsibility. To ensure this we have taken different steps to promote sustainability and social responsibility in both the company and the products.

Read more about how our membership of BSCI and BEPI as well as our other efforts to helps us ensure a more sustainable production and also to enforce the green development and secure products which are responsibly produced.


Customized Private Label

At Asli A/S, our core competence is Private Label. We offer products and product lines customized from the wishes and specifications of our customers.

We provide both unique and standardized solutions to our customers in Europe.
In addition, our products are available with different certifications such as The Nordic Swan Eco-label, FSC and Oeko-tex.

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